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The Theory and Performance Class has decided to research the issues of sexual assault and responsibility on the Knox Campus with the intention of filtering the anonymous research through a creative lens. Part of that process involves gathering perspectives and opinions from the students and faculty at Knox that have been generated about these issues. The goal is to get an idea of what the college is feeling and thinking about sexual assault and responsibility and to respond to that through a theatrical production.

To this end, we are inviting anyone on campus to respond to a few questions provided in this forum. We encourage you to add your own topics for discussion. To do this simply select click on the "Click Here for All Questions" link and then "Add new thread."

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Is this scenario rape?

in Click Here For All Questions Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:29 pm
by KnoxThoughts • 12 Posts

Person A and Person B are sleeping in bed together. They have recently had sex; that day or the day before. Person A wakes up and realizes that Person B is trying to have sex with them. A is very groggy as they are waking up and doesn't quite understand what is going on and so does not object as B begins to have sex with them. As A becomes more alert they continue to not object even though it wasn't exactly what they wanted and they hadn't agreed to it or been in a position where they could agree to it. A "goes with the flow" you might say.

Would you consider this situation rape?

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RE: Is this scenario rape?

in Click Here For All Questions Wed Oct 27, 2010 3:32 pm
by No name specified • ( Guest )

Call it wimpy liberal pragmatism if you want, but here's what I believe: More important than my opinion is what, if anything, we collectively agree should be done about it.

That is, we can label it rape or not-rape -- pragmatically, it doesn't matter. But is Person B a danger to self or others to the extent that society will be made better if we inject into this situation the governmental powers of enforcement, adjudication, punishment and rehabilitation.

That is, what will it take to catch (find and arrest) Person B and others like that? If caught, how will they be judged? After judging, how will they be punished? After punishment, how will they be rehabilitated?

Consider Prohibition. Is liquor moral or immoral? Ultimately, more important than our individual opinions on that question was our collective agreement on what should be done, and what should not be done, about it.

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